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The Artful Dodger was the design outcome as well as the developing process of my MA researches and studies - Participatory Design Methodology: through using public's objects and stories. What I tried to accomplish was a design method where participation can be manifested at three different levels: the idea (design/story); the making (physical/material); and the use (interaction).


The method began with a series of interviews that collecting stories from the public. And the work was built based on an existing ordinary object. By collaging an object with a story and a story about an object, a new form and function form.

“巧”不僅是一個设计成果,它更是我的硕士研究論文的重要过程及印證 - 論文命題為“透過使用公眾物件和故事之參與式設計方法”。我试图在三个設計层次上引用公眾的參與:概念上(设计/故事),制作上和使用上(互动)。



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